Permeable Pavers

Why has permeable pavers become such a huge deal over the past few years? The answer is simple: to avoid flooding!
Any standard pavement system has the water run off the
top of the pavement and collect with other water run-off into a sewer. We don’t have a problem with this system until we have an unusually strong rainy season, and that’s when our
sewer systems get overloaded, causing floods.
Permeable pavers get rid of this issue by allowing the rain water to seep into the soil through the paver joints and either: seep into the soil, evaporate into the air, or drain into and underground drainage system/retention pond. Keeping excess water from flowing to the sewers, overloading the system.
Permeable pavers have slowly become the one and only acceptable form of permeable pavement in recent years.
Concrete and asphalt alternatives exist, but they are prone to cracking and are less resistant than the standard version of either product. That is not what you want out of pavement you expect to last. Permeable pavers is the only alternative that is not
just as strong, but possibly stronger than it’s standard version. We come highly recommended when it comes to permeable pavers and we’ve seen it become a larger and larger portion of our business.
Peachtree Pavers is here for your permeable paver needs, from a small patio to a parking lot.

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