As a homeowner, protecting your home is one of your top priorities – after all, you have invested so much of your time and income into making it a safe space. One of the most definitive aspects of protection is a well-constructed Retaining Wall.

Retaining walls are the first line of defense against damage that can occur from sloping discrepancies that can affect your home. Originally primarily constructed in treated timber, retaining walls have upgraded to CMU blocks that successfully (without a negative environmental impact) retains any unwanted slope that could negatively affect your home.

Peachtree Pavers ensures that your wall is built correctly – the first time, because we know just how high of stakes building a popper retaining wall can be. Peachtree Pavers has over two decades of experience in building retaining walls all across the metro Atlanta area.

So, instead of waiting until your current wall collapses, call Peachtree Pavers today to ensure you fix the damage before it happens!